About us

“Projects we have completed demonstrate what we know – future projects decide what we will learn.”

Mohsin Tiwana Dr.

INSITU ENGINEERING NIG. LTD. is a construction service company; whose major interests include: Motor Roads Construction, Concrete Reinforcement and Bridges; Building of Telecommunication cell sites, such as Towers and Mast, Civil and Electrical Projects; Estates Projects; Estate and Property Development/Management; Procurement, Logistics and Consultancy Services.

We hold a bright and purposeful management method coupled with modern techniques that compliment the skills and services required of any competent construction firm in the execution of long term or short- term projects.


The INSITU ENGINEERING NIG. LTD. professional team in their respective practices have been involved in practical architectural and engineering design services, building construction, execution of large engineering projects, feasibility and research works. All these make our end results indubitable and distinctive.

The desire to contribute positively to the needs and development of the construction industry was the aims of teaming up to face the immediate challenges that may present itself of the construction industry in Nigeria, which is widely dominated by incompetent hands and quacks.

Our establishment deals with over 65 employees of various categories during a full time management period. They include Technicians, Craftsmen and a majority of unskilled labourers who end up as craftsmen and technicians after a period of participating in our in-house training programs.