What we do

Civil Engineering:

Our Civil Engineering operations include the building of residential/government houses, swimming pools, gas stations, estate buildings, water systems, malls/office buildings, high way bridges, township roads, culverts, boreholes, dams, irrigations, erosion control, water, and petroleum pipeline, etc.

Estates and Properties:

We undertake properties development for private, corporate and governmental organizations as well as manage properties on a lease, rent, or outright sales and purchase as the case may be.

Electrical/Building Services:

Our operations include the building of telecommunication cell sites, construction of residential and commercial houses, hospital, hostels, industrial and factory buildings, warehouses, renovation and/or modification of the aforementioned.

Tower/Cell Site Construction:

Since the introduction of GSM services in Nigeria, operators are striving to expand their network to provide telecommunication services to every part of the country. This cannot be achieved without the construction of Base Stations and the Switching Centers. INSITU ENGINEERING NIG. LTD. has participated actively in providing these services for GSM operators. We deliver within specified periods through vast experience of or Project/Technical Team.


We are able to offer quality assistance within the field of data communications, covering a broad range of Technologies, from ad-hoc Installations, internet services to full turnkey operations. Our product and services include wireless and satellite connectivity, leased line connectivity, virtual ISP solutions, technical assistance, and ICT consultancy.

Consultancy Services:

We undertake; Architectural Engineering designs for building and Civil Engineering Projects, Management supervision, cost and /or quality control of all engineering projects within our scope.

Security Installations:

We provide a wide range of security systems in Nigeria and beyond. This includes intruder alarm systems and CCTV surveillance solutions for all homes and businesses. Utilizing the very latest technology, our highly skilled engineers can install, repair and maintain a security system that’s tailored to your requirements. We offer you peace of mind within your home or business. Our expertise in hardware design and manufacturing in addition to our partnership with the world’s leading security equipment makers enables us to develop and provide robust software-driven security systems that actively protects Nigerian businesses and homes against security threats.